Monday, October 1, 2012

Lesson 4-The Element of Air

Sacred Blessings Everyone!

I am so sorry for the missed lesson last week. It has been one helluva few weeks for me health wise, work wise and just life in general! I hope you have been utilizing these lessons and I am hoping they have been helping you as well.

Since we are working with the Elements I have not had the need to separate Wicca and Witchcraft as both work with the elements. So we carry on dearies!

Our first element we worked with was the Earth. Did you try that tree meditation? Feeling more grounded and secure yet? Now, we take a look at the element of Air. Air takes the stability of Earth and sends it soaring, rising high and low and reaching us to feel and embrace!
Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann

Air is the breath we take in. It is with us from birth til death. It is the element of thought, our mind and all those intangible things we know exist but can not prove or see. Psychic abilities, telepathy, divination, prophecy-that is all within the element of Air.

Astrology, empaths, mediums, astral planes and even coven working are all within the Air realm and element.

The gentle Spring breeze you feel against your cheek as well as the icy wind that whips around us is of course the realm of the Air element. Hurricanes, tornadoes as well as that cooling whisper on a hot Summer day. Air is a Purifier as clean Air supports life as we know it!

We are beginning to see the interconnected-ness of all things.

What does Air mean to you? Are you an Elemental Air person? After going through all the elements you may try working with each to see which one you resonate with most unless you already know and what element you can work more with if one or more are either ignored or weak. There is no right or wrong, it just is.

Personally, I am a very Earthy person with lots of Water mixed in as we will soon learn about in future lessons.

  1. Name 5 things you could use to represent Air on your Altar
  2. Which direction represents Air as YOU see it? (this is subjective)
  3. What colors to you represent Air?
  4. Within your magic and spellwork, when would you invoke the element of Air?
  5. Write a spell or innvocation using Air Power
  6. Write a quarter call for Air.
  7. What would the Element of Air look like to you? 
  8. Make a creative representation of the Air Element (like a mobile or handmade wind chimes or even a simple collage which can be made into a mobile too) as it relates to you and your path. At Dawn, Bless this, asking it to be your guide into the realm of Air. You can then hang this representation from a tree or in your home from a window, etc.
  9. Write down some questions you would like to ask an Elemental Air.
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Delphine said...

Thank you :) Done and done.

AstarteAlison Moon said...

I love your blog, this post on the element of air is brilliant, lots of food for thought. Off to visit your facebook page now. I'm at if you would like to visit back, blessings, Alison

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