Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Mountain Lions and the Full Moon Meet

Today's Earth Magic Card is the:

Full Moon~Completion
"Every 29.5 days Grandmother Moon shines bright and full in the sky, illuminating the landscape with her muted brilliance, casting a delicate canopy over the sky and the physical features of Earth.

Having gradually etched her way over the last two weeks to fullness, she now stands like a guiding beacon in the night.

She has completed this round of her perpetual and periodic monthly journey, and will now start her slow but steady retreat into shadow.

In this card, we see the grandeur of the moon at its peak, blazing brightly and creating a silhouette of a tree.

This beautiful orb reminds us that all cycles have their time of completion and fulfillment, one that will inevitably be followed by a decrease until yet another cycle is initiated."

"You can now take pleasure in knowing that whatever you have been working toward now has reached its culmination.
It may have been a relatively brief cycle or a much more extensive one, yet regardless of the length of time, you have arrived at the stage of completion."
" Let yourself feel the contentment and satisfaction of this accomplishment.
It is like when you take a deep breath and reach the point where your lungs are pleasantly full and your body is ready to release that breath."
"It is important to not only enjoy this completion but also to let go and allow yourself to relax afterword, just like exhaling slowly and consciously.
People are much too eager to rush to the next item on the agenda without giving proper time and space to appreciating and honoring the natural cycle of release that follows a point of resolution.
Give yourself that time to relax and rest before tackling Spirit’s next assignment."-Earth Magick Oracle Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer
This is the card I pulled this morning. How fitting it is in reflection to what has been going on in this last week. In writing my last post on my Earth Card layout, one of the things I have been learning is to take the strife life hands me and begin to look at what lessons I am to take away with me, what I can learn from them and how to apply this lesson within my life now.

In the midst of all this, I have been introduced to the Mountain Lion. Butterflies, Dolphins and Wolves have always dominated my Spirit world but every so often, an animal will make entrance into my life for me to learn and take heed of it's teachings.

Two days ago I enrolled in a 2 week week mini-ecourse with SoulLodge and learning to connect and explore the sun goddess Mountain Lion. Exploring these concepts :

  • 3rd Chakra * Solar Plexus * Power Center (perfect as this Chakra is always weak and muddied)
  • Leaps of Faith
  • Boundaries
  • Decisiveness
  • Energy Balancing
  • Movement
  • Right Use of Power

In addition to also creating a Summer Solstice Ceremony. Remember my last posts Shaman Card and living life through ceremony? I have decided that this Summer Solstice I am finally creating a Summer Solstice Self-Dedication Ceremony and Ritual.

It's time!

It's time to truly discover and Reclaim My Power.

To Not Be Afraid Anymore and to Walk Into My Goddess-Filled Life!

Funny how sometimes Life's most painful moments turn into life-affirming lessons and coming Full Circle!

We all do not like when Life hits us smack in the face with painful moments and events. It is what we do with these moments that count.

Sometimes when we are in the throws  of grief, anger, sadness and pain the most beautiful Rainbows emerge!

We ask for Signs and it's up to us to Keep Our Eyes and Ears Open for these Signs and I have and I'm so thrilled to finally begin to truly "Listen"...Shamans Medicine is how I see it!

Sometimes that means saying Good-Bye!

Good-bye to old patterns, old habits, and also to people. Some of those ties can be very sad and as a Mom, I'm not saying Good-Bye to anyone but beginning to learn Detachment with Love and learning New Boundaries that not only keep my peace of mind but to also allow others to walk Their path, regardless of the struggles one has chosen.

That doesn't mean it is easy or that it is not painful. It Just Is! This Journey I am now walking upon I feel is the Door I am meant to walk through and with it will open New Opportunities, Lessons and a New Chapter in my Spiritual Development and Life!

So what happens when the Mountain Lion meets the Full Moon?

Extraordinary Power and Strength from Within Gathered Around the Circle of Grandmother Moon!

Meet the Mountain Lion (Cougar)

This cat goes by several names including Mountain Lion, Panther, and Puma. Cougar spirit will teach us to assert ourselves, and take control of our life so we can become leaders. Cougar's graceful swiftness shows us how to understand the natural flow of our environment and move into a position of leadership.

Muscles rippling, free on the mountains,

Great cat of cunning, hunting and seeking,

Teach me quietness and stealth of purpose.
Show me the secrets of quiet magic. -Lins Domain
This is a very powerful, but very difficult totem.
Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power,
how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power."-Lins Domain
"This totem’s gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace.  
It is the balance of body, mind and spirit.   
The first responsibility of leadership is truth.  
Remember:  Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation.  
Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power 
and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life.  
You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack."-Lins Domain 

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the wild magnolia said...

Powerful post, direction and a reason for hope, we have the power to neutralize the negatives.

I am grateful for your sharing.

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